How to Downgrade iOS 12 Beta to iOS 11.4 without Losing Data

Although iOS 12 beta seems pretty safe to use on your iPhone, you should know you can always dial things back if you want to. This article, we will share a tutorial on how to safely downgrade iOS 12 beta to iOS 11.4, the latest public iOS 11 release.

How to downgrade from iOS 12 beta to iOS 11

Step 1: Make sure you’re running the latest version of iTunes 12.7.5 (iTunes → About iTunes, if not open the Mac App Store → Updates).

Step 2: Connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac or PC with a Lightning cable.

Step 3: Use the appropriate key combination to enter Recovery Mode (you’ll see the iTunes logo and Lightning cable when successful, shown below). Continue reading “How to Downgrade iOS 12 Beta to iOS 11.4 without Losing Data”

Unlock iPhone without Home Button

Can we unlock iPhone without Home button? Is there a setting somewhere that allows us to do this? Or not.

As we known, pressing home button on iPhone is the way to unlock iPhone. But this button is easily broken which makes you cannot unlock your iPhone successfully. Thus, you may ask if it is possible to unlock iPhone without Home button? How can you unlock iPhone without Home button? In this article, we will show you how to unlock iPhone without Home button.

Part 1: How to Unlock iPhone without Home Button

This method will show you steps to unlock iPhone without home button.

Step 1: Go to Settings> General

Step 2: Locate Accessibility in the General menu and click it.

Step 3: Choose Home Button and toggle on Rest Finger to Open. This will allow you to unlock your iPhone by simply placing your finger on its Home button instead of pressing it.

Part 2: How to Unlock iPhone without Power Button

To unlock iPhone without Power Button, you need to enable AssistiveTouch on the iPhone. Follow below step to turn on AssistiveTouch and unlock iPhone without pressing the power button.

Step 1: Go to Settings> General> Accessibility

Step 2: Locate AssistiveTouch and toggle it on.
Step 3: Open AssistiveTouch menu by tapping the Virtual Home icon and then tap Device.

Step 4: Tap Unlock screen.

Part 3: How to Unlock Disabled iPhone without Home Button

If your iPhone is disabled and you are wondering if you can unlock disabled iPhone without home button, we would advise you to first fix this device back to normal. You can do this using either iTunes or iCloud. The following steps should help you.

Use iTunes

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes.

Step 2: Click the iPhone icon on iTunes and then click Restore iPhone. If prompted, click Restore and wait for the process to finish.

Use iCloud

This method only works for Find My iPhone is enabled on your device. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: On your computer browser, open and log in using your Apple ID and Password.

Step 2: Tap Find iPhone. If prompted for Apple ID password, enter it. Click All Devices.

Step 3: Select your device from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Tap Erase iPhone and then click Erase if prompted. Enter Apple ID password, click Next, and then click Done. Wait for the process to finish.

2 Options to Print WeChat Messages on iPhone X/8/7/6

Is there any way to print WeChat messages on my iPhone? Google the key words “print wechat messages”, I got a bunch of hits. Below is what I’ve figured out- two simple methods to print iPhone WeChat messages.

Option 1. Export Wechat Messages to PC for print

In order to export and transfer WeChat messages from iPhone to computer, what you need is the help of iRefone (or Mac version). This software could not only help you transfer WeChat messagesfrom iPhone to computer, but also recover deleted/lost WeChat data from iOS device, iTunes/iCloud backup. Beside WeChat, other data like messages, notes, contacts, call history, photos, wechat and more are also supported. Keep on reading and we will show you how to export iPhone WeChat Messages for print.

Steps to Print Wechat Messages from iPhone X/8/7/6

1. Connect your iPhone to computer. Click “Start” after your iPhone is recognized by iRefone.

Note: If the program does not recognize your iPhone, please check whether you have plugged in your iPhone properly, or whether you have trusted your computer on your iPhone.

2. Then it will ask you to choose the data you need to scan in iPhone. Click on the icon of WeChat Messages to start the scanning.

3. When the scanning is finished, all of the WeChat messages will be displayed. You could preview these messages in the software and select these you need. Then click on “Recover to PC” to save these data.

Tip: The WeChat messages will be exported as CSV and HTML file, just choose the format you like to print.

Option 2. Save your WeChat messages as a screenshot for print

If you just need some parts of the WeChat text conversations, you can save the WeChat history as screenshots and then select the screenshots from the Photos App for printing.

iPhones and Macs have AirPrint support built in, so you can wirelessly print to these printers without any setup. If you are planning to buy are printer, make sure it supports Apple’s “AirPrint.”

If you do have an AirPrint-enabled printer that’s good for photos, you’re ready to go.

> Open the Photos app on your iPhone, tap a photo,
> Tap the Share button at the bottom-left corner of your screen.
> Tap Print and you’ll be able to print it.
> Your iPhone will automatically detect and list nearby AirPrint-enabled printers, so you can select and print to them.

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How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Connect to iTunes

There is a problem troubled me for days- my iPhone get stuck on the “Connect to iTunes” screen. Searching related issues online, I got some solid solutions.

Solutions for iPhone Stuck on Connect to iTunes

Restart iPhone

Sometimes, simply restart iPhone would be able to fix iPhone stuck on connect to iTunes. Below we will show you how to force restart iPhone on different iPhone models.

-For iPhone 6s Plus or earlier:
Pressing and holding both wake/sleep and Home buttons simultaneously for at least ten seconds, until you see the Apple logo is displayed on the screen. This should help to remove the iPhone stuck on connect to iTunes issue. If the screen still appears faulty, you have to reinstall the OS on your phone.

-For iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus:
Since the home button of iPhone 7 series can’t be actually pressed down, Apple changed its way of iPhone force restart. Hold both Volume Down and Power concurrently to start the force restart process on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

-For iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X

Quickly push in and release the Volume Up button; then do the same on the Volume down button; press and hold down the side button until you see the apple logo. Don’t let go if you see the “slide to power off” screen.
Reinstall iOS

Follow these steps to re-install iOS on your iPhone. Make sure to install the latest version of iTunes on your computer for this to work.

Note: This will erase all data on your iPhone. Make sure you already backed up the iPhone. If not, then go to Method 3.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to PC using a USB data cable and establish a connection between your PC and iPhone. Now, put the iPhone in recovery mode and you should be seeing a message that says “There’s a problem with the iPhone [your device name] that requires it to be updated or restored”.

Step 2: Click on “Update” to start re-installation of the iOS and never fear, no data loss will occur during this part. Make sure not to click on “Restore” as that will not install the iOS on your iPhone.
Check Hardware at Apple Store

If none of the above tips work, hardware problem could be the reason that causes your iPhone stuck on connect to iTunes screen. We recommend that you make an appointment with Apple and check the hardware at Apple store.

No Text Sound on iPhone? Solutions

Why am I not receiving sound with incoming text messages on my iPhone 8? This happens to me about every day. I go to settings and click through the sound setting for text messages exactly 3 times and it works again.

Your iPhone suddenly get silently vibrating when you get a text message, NO sound? How to fix the no text sound on iPhone issue? Well, here are possible solutions for you.

How to Fix No Text Sound on iPhone X/8/8Plus/7/7Plus

Tip 1: Mute Switch

On the left side of your iPhone X/8/8Plus/7/7Plus, above the volume button, there is a Ring/Silent switch, make sure that you haven’t switched it on the mute mode.

Tip 2: Do Not Disturb

Make sure that Do Not Disturb is off, you can check it by going to Settings > Do Not Disturb. If you forget to turn it off, now, turn it off. Moreover, ensure that Do Not Disturb is not turned on for any particular contacts. To check this, launch the Messages app where you can see your messages. If any message have any moon sign that is mean you enabled Do Not Disturb for that number.

Tip 3. Bluetooth Off

If you enabled Bluetooth on your iPhone, then go to Settings and click on Bluetooth, turn it off. If you have never used the Bluetooth speaker or headset, you can skip this solution.

Tip 4. Restart Your iPhone

Try to restart your iPhone, to do this, you can press and hold the power button until “slide to power off” appears on the screen, then slide to power off. Turn it back on to check the text sound.

Tip 5. Reset Your iPhone

You can reset your iPhone by going to Settings> General> Reset> Reset all settings. Make sure to backup your iPhone to the cloud / iTunes in advance as this will remove your media, music, apps and more data from your iPhone.

For those who don’t wanna backup entire iPhone, you can read on.

Selectively Backup iPhone Data with iRefone

When you want to only backup on app data, or you want to backup it completely selectively, iRefone is your best chioce.

iRefone is a professional iOS data recovery software, it can help us backup more than 16 kinds of files selectively, including contacts, notes, messages, photos, reminders, calendars, call history, WeChat messages ect. Also it can help us recover our lost iOS data with three recovery mode, that is Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iTunes Backup and Recover from iCloud Backup. And it doesn’t need us to erase all content and settings.

Now when you need, you can download and install the free trial version to have a try.

Step 1. Run iRefone, connect your iPhone with PC. Choose “Recover from iOS Device”, click “Start”.

Step 2. Then we’ll enter the new interface with many data icon and media icon that iRefone can recover, find and click “Message” icon for example, and it will be scanned by the software.

Step 3. When finish scanning, you can preview and choose messages you need, tap on “Recover to PC”, and choose folder path to save them.

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